Date Description Number of Shared Issued and Fully Paid Par Value Per Share in Rupiah (Full Amount)
December 11th,  2013 The Initial Public Offering at 127,380,000 shares 578,360,000 100
December 11th,  2013 The issuance of 65,897,143 new shares in connection with the conversion of SACLP and ACIF loans amounting to US$16,000,000 65,897,143 100
May 19th, 2015 A stock split from Rp100 to Rp25 per share, thus the number of outstanding shares has changed from 644,257,143 to 2,577,028,572 2,577,028,572 25
June 19th,  2017 Issuance of 1,472,587,756 new shares in relation with capital increase by granting Pre-emptive Rights 4,049,616,328 25
Total Number of Shares Issued and Fully Paid 4,049,616,328


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