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1995 | The Company is established and started to operate few tugboats & barges to support woodworking industry.

1997 | The Company focuses its business to marine services supporting the upstream oil & gas industry. Obtaining its first contract from international oil & gas company/contractor, Total E&P Indonesie.

2005 | Indonesian Government implements Cabotage Principle. The fleet sized to 24 units.

2008 | Purchasing the first Anchor Handling Tug/AHT (Logindo Vigilant).

2011 | Inviting Alstonia Offshore Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Pacific Radiance Pte. Ltd., Singapore, to become strategic partner. Purchasing two units of Anchor Handling Tug Supply/AHTS 5.150 bhp (Logindo Overcomer & Logindo Braveheart) and the first one unit of Accommodation Work Barge/AWB (Logindo Radiance). Fleet sized to 50 units.

2012 | Purchasing three units of AHT (Logindo Synergy, Logindo Stature, & Logindo Destiny) and one units of AWB (Logindo Reliance).

2013 | Purchasing two units of AHTS 12.000 bhp (Logindo Energy & Logindo Enterprise) & one unit of AHTS 8.000 bhp (Logindo Stout) equipped with Dynamic Positioning System 2 and one unit of AHTS 5.150 bhp (Logindo Progress). December, performing Initial Public Offering (IPO).

2014 | Purchasing two units of AHTS 8.000 bhp (Logindo Sturdy & Logindo Stamina) equipped with Dynamic Positioning System 2.

2015 | February, issuing S$50 Million Bond on Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), Singapore. May, performing stock split (1/4).