Result For The Year Ended 31 December 2018

LEAD’s EBITDA improved to USD 9.4 million in FY18 or increased by more than 30% YoY. This was mainly because the company succeeded in achieving the target of increasing utilization in FY18 to almost 60% or increased by more than 27% YoY. The increase in vessel utilization also occurs in large vessels such as AHTS…

Gross Profit and EBITDA Improved

LEAD gross profit margin for this year 9 months result rose 363% YoY to USD 1.3 million as cost of sales dropped 6%. This improvement of gross profit affect higher EBITDA. LEAD EBITDA increased 30% YoY to USD 7.5 million.

Logindo Lirik Bisnis Infrastruktur Gas

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Announcement Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders And Extra Ordinary General Meeting Of Shareholders

PT. LOGINDO SAMUDRAMAKMUR Tbk. Domicile in Jakarta Pusat (“the Company”)   ANNOUNCEMENT ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS (“AGM”) AND EXTRA-ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS (“EGM”)   The Company hereby announces to Shareholders that the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Extra-ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“Meeting”) will be held as follows: Day/Date       : Wednesday. April…