The Code of Conduct, which is summarized in the Corporate Ethical Guidelines, set the business and behavioral ethics for everyone in the Company; nurturing, governing and adjusting behaviors. This is so that words, attitudes, and actions are in accordance with the Company’s Values.

The application of Corporate Ethical Guidelines is part of the GCG’s implementation in the Company, which serves as reference in running its business activities, including in interacting with Stakeholders based on moral values and ethical standards of business.

The Code of Conduct regulates the following key issues, among others :

  • Relationships with All Stakeholders
  • Integrity and Commitment of every individual in the Company regarding Law Obedience, Work Relationships, Work Environment, Conflict of Interests, Confidentiality of Data, and Information and Information Disclosure Policy
  • Gratification and bribery
  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)
  • Abuse of Narcotics & Forbidden Substances, Alcohol and Gambling
  • Socialization and Internalization of Code of Conduct
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