The Company appoints a Corporate Secretary as a liaison officer to maintain the relationships between the Company’s organs, between the Company and its Stakeholders, and to ensure compliance with the prevailing rules and regulations. Duties of Corporate Secretary include among others monitoring the development of the Capital Market particularly its prevailing rules and regulations, providing input to the Boards of Directors and Commissioners to comply with the Capital Market’s prevailing rules and regulations, and supporting the Boards of Directors and Commissioners in GCG implementation.

Corporate Secreatary ia also functioned as liaison officer between the Company and Shareholders, Financial Service Authority, and other Stakeholders.

Corporate Secretary Activities

  • Preparation of the Company’s GMS and Public Expose, included of preparation for Company’s Annual Report;
  • Preparation for corporate action as well as monitoring the Company’s current corporate action;
  • Monitoring the Company’s stock price movement;
  • Having the correspondence with the Financial Services Authority and Indonesia Stock Exchange;
  • Conducting Corporate Day or face-to-face meeting with investors, as to present the Company’s financial performance.

Corporate Secretary Profile
Denny Haryanto | Corporate Secretary


Address of the Corporate Secretary

Graha Corner Stone
Jl. Rajawali Selatan II No. 1, Central Jakarta
Phone : +62 21 6471 3088
Fax : +62 21 6471 3220


 Letter Of Appointment Of Corporate Secretary

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