1. Education

We believe that a nation development is strongly influenced by its education level and awareness of the people to study, therefore we put education as our CSR’s main target.

We are supporting the advancement of several schools in Indonesia’s maritime sector by providing scholarships and grants, starting with institutions that are located near to our main operational area.

Our Directors are heavily involved in giving lecturer, motivational talks, in a few schools to help inspire future generation.

Our education CSR’s programs are :

  • Scholarship for Crews
  • Internship Program
  • Teaching at College
  • Seminar & Workshop for Marine Students

2. Health

The Company, in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross, held blood donation drive activities in Jakarta and Balikpapan. The Company performs regular blood donor program four times in a year or once in every three months.

The event’s participation is not limited to only the Company’s employees, but also involving local residents.


3. Environment

Aside the education dan healthy CSR’s programs, the Company also concerns with the health of environment. To provide better access and healthier environment, the Company held the following CSR’s activities :

  • Landfill and compacting activities to enable vehicles to cross on safer and more convenient road.
  • Provision of garbage containers in areas where previously unavailable.

4. Community Development

Location : Citamiang, Megamendung, Bogor

Only less than two hours drive from Jakarta, Kampung Citamiang in Mega Mendung village, Bogor regency, was still very far behind in technology. To improve education,
stimulate creativity and innovation, the Company opened a digital access to the area by providing and installing six units of computers connected to the internet network as well as building a simple library for the students. The Company regularly provides computer training and training for the usage of internet to search the information as well as open market access.