In Indonesia, corporate responsibility affairs balance the interests of the environment and society. We believe that these interests are integrated with the interest of businesses.

Our CSR program leads to the ability of corporations to adapt, harmonious, and build mutually beneficial to the environment, the community and stakeholders, both locally, nationally and globally.

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Securing Better Futures

We are supporting the advancement of several schools in Indonesia’s maritime sector by providing scholarships and grants, starting with institutions that are located near to our main operational area.

Our directors are heavily involved in giving lecturer, motivational talks, in a few schools to help inspire future generation.

We believe that our highest corporate social responsibility is to develop an inclusive corporate culture throughout the maritime sector of Indonesia that upholds international standards of the maritime industry. Therefore, we are involved in Indonesia’s maritime education both inside and outside of our business.

Furthermore, we are also involved in efforts to improve the welfare of neighboring communities

Blood Donation

We organize regular blood donor program in Jakarta Logindo working with PMI (Indonesian Red Cross Society). Local residents and employees of several offices, which are located adjacent to the Logindo Head Office in Jakarta very excited to join this event.

Community Development

  • Only less than two hours drive from Jakarta, Kampung Citamiang in Mega Mendung village, Bogor regency, was still very far behind in technology. To improve education, stimulate creativity and innovation, the Company opened a digital access to the area by providing and installing six units of computers connected to the internet network as well as building a simple library for the students. The Company regularly provides computer training and training for the usage of internet to search the information as well as open market access.
  • We are developing Logindo Training Center located at Mega Mendung, West Java, involving local people who are guided by the village chief (KADES) through livestock development programs and planting fruit trees and recruits local youth to work at our training ground.
  • We strive to empower local fishermen in the port area (jetty) boat services local to their use as a vehicle carrying employees and the crew of the ship to the land and vice versa. It is our routine to do when the boat is docked or perform activities in the shallow waters.